Even from the outside, the distinguished elegance of our Setra S416 HDH VIP Premium cannot fail to charm you. It is up to you whether you wish to travel incognito or put your own label on our luxury liner.

However, the inside stands out from the crowd with almost every conceivable feature possible today. For instance, there is a round corner in the meeting area and up to four face-to-face seating layouts available.

The multimedia equipment, too, leaves nothing to be desired:  a  radio/microphone system, CD and DVD player, room stereo, DVBT tuner, VGA connector and other audio and video connections, 230V sockets, phone and optional WLAN.

Alongside the air conditioning system, the 36 (optionally 40) 'Ambiente' reclining seats guarantee a relaxed travelling experience. Tinted windows and a panoramic glazed roof help to ensure that you feel as if you are somewhere else on board – but not on a coach.

Other features include a WC with washroom, a spacious wardrobe and a fully fitted on-board kitchen. We can of course provide service personnel if required.

We can also offer the option of a second driver if you wish to remain flexible without needing to take into account driving/rest times. And finally, a series of intelligent driver assistance systems guarantees that you not only enjoy your journey from the start, but also arrive safely at your destination.

Begin your journey with a discussion. With us.

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